Winter Projects for Boaters | Cam Strap Wrangling

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Cam Strap Wrangling

We all know cam straps can be pretty darn difficult to organize and keep looking nice in a rig bag. I don’t know how many times I have found myself frustrated, digging through my gear, desperately looking for my last 6’ loop strap, or a nice 2 footer to secure my spare oar. I know that I will be taking time out of my vigorous winter sleeping schedule to take on this awesome little sewing project:

Attaching the Shorter Straps

Step 1: Use an old cam strap or other piece of strap that you don’t want any more to cut four 6 inch lengths.
Step 2: Sew each length of strap into the reinforced area behind the zipper of your rig bag so that one end of the strap is loose. Try to make them evenly spaced.
Step 3: Organize your cam straps by length.
Step 4: Attach your shorter straps (1, 2, 3, and 4 footers)to themselves as shown in this picture
and then to the straps you have now sewn into your rig bag.
Step 5: Your longer straps (6, 8, 10, 12) can be rolled (see instructional picture below) and thrown into your bag.
Step 6: You may want to keep your loop straps separate. Find yourself a smaller mesh bag to put your loop straps in and keep that in your rig bag as well.

How to Roll Straps:
Start by threading the tag end of the strap 8″-12″ through the back of the underside of the buckle. Double the other end of the strap and roll it forward towards the buckle. Wrap the tag end back over the roll and thread it through the buckle.

You can do this watching television after your river trip and they will be all set to go next time. Remember! Store your straps clean and dry for the winter. You don’t want a stinky molded mess at the beginning of next season, and your straps will last longer.