Wednesday’s Spotlight: Youth at Risk

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Today’s Spotlight: Youth at Risk

For the Fall Fling, we are highlighting a group of clients each day, telling their story and showing how Splore’s adventures have changed their lives. We are raising money this week to support Splore’s outdoor adventure programs for people of all abilities. Today’s focus is on clients who are in a youth treatment facility or who are at a risk of falling through the cracks in society.


Client Stories:

“‘All of our kids were so excited to have the opportunity to go canoeing- most of them probably wouldn’t have this opportunity any other way- we’re so grateful to SPLORE for offering such a great experience to our youth!”

“You guys do a great job- thanks so much! Most of our refugee youth have never been rock climbing or even had the opportunity to visit the Wasatch mountains at all- this is such an amazing opportunity for them to experience the outdoors and learn respect and awe for the natural world. It’s great to see them challenge themselves, laugh together and practice respect for each other as they take turns climbing and encouraging each other up the climb. This is so important since we have such a diverse group of youth from war-torn countries all over the world who speak several different languages and come from varied backgrounds. We are so grateful for our partnership with SPLORE and the great job they do facilitating our groups! Everyone always has a great time!”