Tuesday’s Spotlight: Autism

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Today’s Spotlight: Autism

Today’s spotlight is on a group of people very close to our hearts: people with Autism. We started the Rock On! Program in 2007, which is a mentor-based, indoor climbing program for kids with Autism and their siblings. We could not have predicted the positive response that came as a result of this program. Autism affects 1 in 88 children in America and we are blessed to get to serve so many youth and families who are affected by Autism in the greater Salt Lake area.



“We feel lucky to have found a place that offers such amazing opportunities for our son in the things that he loves most, not to mention such acceptance in a world that does not often tolerate

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differences.” -Parent

“I learned that I could work with a team and lead a team. I was pushed harder than I thought I could. I found the edges of my capacity and exceeded my expectations.” -Volunteer Mentor

“Splore genuinely cares for kids. Helps them to learn to love the outdoors. Pushed my kid to another level. My kid achieved more than he thought he could. I like how they push them to do more. The connection with the kids creates amazing things they didn’t think were possible.” -Parent