Tales of Urban Adventurers

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So there we were, March 3rd 2012 at 9:30am in Taylorsville. Just me, Janine, Tanner, Tyler and a shopping cart.

We had equipped the shopping cart with an inflatable kayak, ourselves with helmets and PFDs. We were prepared for anything. As the time drew closer to the start of the Taylorsville Urban Iditarod, the four of us looked at each other and laughed. I was thinking, “What did we get ourselves into.”

The race was held in the urban jungle surrounding the suburbia of Taylorsville. We were expected to run from challenge to challenge over a course of 5km. Route finding was easy for our seasoned team of outdoor professionals. The terrain between the challenge sites made for another story. We encountered snow banks the size of small mole hills, sidewalks with crevasse as wide as a large twig and the most hazardous terrain was Redwood road.

Since this was Splore’s first urban iditarod we had no clue what challenges awaited our intrepid team of urban river runners. The first challenge involved a fire hose. We had some trouble with the urban snake. The team before us tangled it horribly and it took some time to tame the beast. As Tyler teased the snake to life, Tanner took aim on a cone to completed the challenge. Our next task awaited us in the frozen tundra of the local ice cream parlor. Janine took charge and fed the rest of us the frozen food. It was a spectacle to see. Once done with the frozen tundra it was off to more festive lands. As we approached the next challenge it was not apparent what we needed to accomplish. Once we found out we needed to dance to delight the chiefs of the habiting tribe, we all looked to Janine for guidance.

Janine took the lead and we decided to dance in a symphonized fashion to Michael Jacksons “Billie Jean”. I will tell you it was not pretty. After the challenge we had reach a point where it was hard to keep up our pace. Instead of running we speed walked to the next challenge. The decision was a good one. On our way to the challenge we encountered the roughest terrain of the whole journey. We had turned the corner onto Redwood road and saw the sidewalk was dominated with the evils of construction. What were we to do? Tanner was took the lead and navigated this stretch of road riddled with cones, potholes and curbs like the season river guide he is; and we made it to the Chicken Chucking challenge unscathed.

We were excited to be able to chuck a chicken. Once we saw the venue our goal was to fling

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a chicken to the curb. We pick the tallest members of our team, Tanner & Tyler, to hold the vines that would ultimately bring us to our goal. Janine and I picked the right angle and P.O.T. (Point Of Trajectory). We hit the mark or the curb. We knew it was our best showing of the whole race. Next was our last epic challenge. A test of our knowledge of pop culture.

The challenge took place close to the start/finish line. The challenge was a battery of 20 questions aimed to test how well we knew the culture we are immersed. I was impressed with our knowledge. Each member was able to contribute to the success of the challenge. After answering all 20, we were then asked to move to the other side of the room. What was left? Did we fail? What was next? It’s not over; there was a panic look on our faces. We were presented with a plate of five chicken wings. I scoffed at the plate. Tanner worried; his biggest fear in life is hot wings. We all dove in and devoured the delicious penalty for wrong answers. Then we ran to the finish line glad that was our last challenge not our first.
Once all teams had arrived from the urban jungle it was award time. We knew the Splore team was not the fastest or the smartest, so the four of us were not expecting to get a trophy. It was announced that the Chicken Chucking Challenge had a winner. Our ears perked up for good reason, Splore had won the only challenge to have its own award. As the spirited team we were, we chucked a chicken 177’. So it proves that you don’t need to be the fastest or smartest, just determined to fling a chicken.
If you would like to see the trophy, feel free to visit our Facebook page, or stop by the Splore office any time (during business hours). You can also meet two of the team members who were able to bring home the coveted Chicken Chucking Challenge trophy.
We all had a blast and will be defending our title next year. Please come out to either show your support or to challenge the Chicken Chucking Champions.