Sponsor Spotlight: Chaco

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Sponsor Spotlight: Chaco

Chaco: Fit for Adventure

ChacoGuidesThis company is not lying when they state that their shoes are fit for adventure. Splore has been so lucky to have a sponsor like Chaco… with their help we have been able to fit all of our guides in Salt Lake City and Moab, UT with Chacos! Our guides have never been happier. They know that they will never have to worry about ruining the shoes by rafting too much or hiking too hard, the shoes can really survive anything.

So if you are looking

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for a great pair of outdoor shoes that can handle earth, wind, fire and water (well okay maybe not fire, but I don’t know any shoe that can), go online and check out Chaco. And this year is their 25th anniversary and to celebrate they are bringing back out the most popular webbing styles from the last 25 years.
Click here for the website: http://www.chacos.com/US/en/FromTheVault

Thank-you Chaco for being an amazing sponsor of Splore! We know our feet would not be happy without you.