A Splore Story from the Intern

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A Splore Story From the Intern:


Last year during May I was still in school doing what is called May term, which is where you take intensive classes for the month twice a week for three hours. Sitting in a class for three hours without any breaks would be hard for anyone to do, so I often left to go have “some time to think,” aka I go to the bathroom (do not worry, this blog is not about me going to the bathroom; that would be really weird). So anyways in our bathrooms we have this cool newsletter called “Career News in the Loo” that posts job or internship positions across the valley. So as you can probably guess, this is where I found the intern position for Splore. Let me tell you, during the interview for the position this was a very interesting story to tell Janie and Lindsay when they asked how I found out about the internship. I am just glad they found the story as funny as I did!


When I saw the position offer in the loo, not only did I think that the position sounded like a fun job to have for the summer, but I actually used to be a client for Splore and I thought that it would be great to work for a non-profit that was wonderful to my family and me.

Technically I am not the one with the disability, my brother, John, has autism. But my mother used to be the president of the Autism Society when it was up in running in Utah over 15 years ago, and every summer families in the society would go down to Moab with Splore to raft down the Colorado River. So every summer my family and I would make the trek down to Moab to raft the Colorado. This was my favorite part of my summer going down to Moab with my family. At the time I was really young, around 5 years old, so I did not understand how nice it was for my family to be rafting with a community of people who understood what it was like to have a child with autism; but now I understand. My family saw that instead of people staring and avoiding Johnny because of his squealing and flapping, people were going up to John to see if he wanted to play Frisbee or kick the ball with them while we ate lunch on the beach. So when I saw the marketing internship position I thought, “I want to help families and people feel the support and happiness my family

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and I felt on these rafting trips and if there is a way I can help Splore do this then hell ya I’m applying!” And lucky enough for me Splore thought that I would do a good job at helping them to be the medium to change someone’s life for the better. So here I am working as a marketing intern again for the second summer in a row and loving it!