Partner Spotlight: Petzl

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Partner Spotlight: Petzl


“It was a complete joy to see my boy, who spent 3 weeks in the NICU as a newborn and the first 9 months of his life connected to a heart and apnea monitor, climbing rocks with total confidence and grinning ear to ear all the while. He was free to be himself in an environment he loves and encouraged to push his limits.” –Parent of

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a Splore Participant


Our climbing trips our outfitted by the generosity of our partners, like Petzl. Petzl donates many of the helmets that we use on our climbing trips and without their remarkable products on our heads we would not be protected from…Danger…duh duh duh…

The products Petzl donates help feed our passion to explore the outdoors in a way that is safe. Knowing that we are protected every time we go on a trip makes it so we may never have to stop being a part of nature. Thank-you so much Petzl for protecting our necks all the time!

If you would like to learn more about Petzl and their stellar products click here for their website.