Partner Spotlight: Mountain Khaki

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Partner Spotlight: Mountain Khaki


2MK-July14For the past couple of years Mountain Khaki has been one of Splore’s most amazing sponsors and have clothed our staff with their remarkable apparel. These people aren’t lying when they say that their clothes are “built for the mountain life.” I am pretty sure that their apparel can withstand all the elements and never break down, just like superman, or some other tough hero that is cool.

Splore recently received new staff shirts from Mountain Khaki (see picture) and our staff loves them! Our program manager was blown away by how quickly the shirts can dry after they get wet. And many other staff members have said that the shirts are really nice to wear in the heat of the summer because they are so breathable. So Mountain Khaki, THANK-YOU! We are so happy and thankful for your generosity towards Splore, without you our staff could not withstand the elements.

If you would like to look at some of Mountain Khakis amazing product click here for

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