Monday’s Spotlight: Veterans

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Today’s Spotlight: Veterans

Today’s spotlight is on a wonderful group of people: our Veterans. Splore runs trips for VA groups year round, with an emphasis on the therapeutic benefits of being in the wilderness, including community, joy and health. We feel blessed to be able to provide adventures to our Veterans and hope you’ll join us by supporting our programs:


Client Story: Veteran Group from Salt Lake City

“I don’t even need substances! There are other ways I know now…how I can get high.”

–Participant, after coming off the rock wall

“I just have to tell you how much these activities mean to me. They are really making a difference in my life.”
–Veteran, climbing outside for the first time

“I had a really good day today. I want to help other veterans get involved with this. Lots of these guys have come down a really hard road in life, you know? Having a good day like this is just what they need.”

“I just made some personal history today. I can’t thank you enough for taking my picture while I was up there. I want to share this with everyone.”