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Getting Started with Splore


Our mission is to change lives by challenging and expanding one’s notion of ability through meaningful outdoor adventure. In order to get the most out of life, one must have the confidence to try new things, and have a sense of the possibilities life holds for them. We do this by empowering and instilling greater confidence in our participants through canoeing, rock climbing, skiing, snowshoeing, and rafting adventures.  Splore Outdoor Adventure trips leave participants with an expanded sense of what they can accomplish both individually and as a family.


Since the first river trip in 1977, Splore has been one of the pioneers in inclusive outdoor adventure. Many of our participants and groups have been rafting with us since the 1980s and 1990s. In 2014, Splore gained accreditation as an Adventure Program through the Association of Experiential Education. This accreditation recognizes the best practices that Splore follows in regards to guide training, risk management, and program development. In 2017, Splore joined with the National Ability Center meaning you can sign up for a wide variety of adaptive adventure programs as well as adaptive outdoor sports, recreation and education programs all in one place!


Splore trips take place in the greater Salt Lake City area as well as in the Moab and Canyonlands area. We are fortunate to have permits in the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forests as well as on BLM-managed waterways in southern Utah.  While most of our trips are in the great outdoors, our indoor climbing programs take place at Momentum Climbing Gyms’ Sandy and Millcreek locations.


Imagine an experience that is custom-tailored to your organization, group or individual goals. An experience in which each individual in your group is challenged to stretch their abilities and aided in developing the skills needed to overcome a variety of challenges encountered in every day life.

We are committed to creating the optimal custom or group experience for your ability-specific organization, school group, corporate retreat or family event. And, we can adapt to ensure a range of abilities are included in all activities. Click here to book a group.

Signing Up

In 2017, we joined with the National Ability Center. To make a reservation or design the perfect trip for your group or family, visit www.discovernac.org or call us at 435-649-3991.


Whitewater Rafting

Gates of Lodore 2

We offer 1 to 5 day trips on the Green and Colorado Rivers. We have calm mellow river sections for first-timers, or epic whitewater sections with Class III to IV rapids for the thrill-seekers.



Stand Up Paddleboard Image

Our Utah paddling trips are one of our most popular and accessible activities. Join Splore for a fun canoeing or stand up paddle board adventure on one of Utah’s beautiful waterways.


Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Ski Image

When it comes to what Utah is known for, the Greatest Snow on Earth comes to mind. Join Splore and spend your day exploring Utah’s beautiful snowy landscapes. There’s no better way to traverse the winter wonderland than with friends or family as you glide through the open frozen air.


Outdoor Rock Climbing


Utah’s Wasatch Front is home to some of the most sought after rock climbing routes in the world, and at Splore, we’re opening it up to everyone! Rock climbing is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreational activities in the country because it’s adaptable to all skill and comfort levels.


Indoor Rock Climbing


In recent years, rock climbing has transformed from a small community of climbers into one of the most popular activities in the country. There are many reasons for this, but the most important factor is that rock climbing is fun and easy for people of any skill or comfort level!




Feel weightless as you traverse Utah’s frozen wilderness on one of Splore’s exciting snowshoe adventures. Snowshoeing is a great way to see everything Utah has to offer in the winter. Explore the trails of Utah’s widespread canyon system and see the forests and mountains from a different perspective.