The Climb Up Storm Mountain

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The Climb Up Storm Mountain:

By Amy Ware


On Saturday the 12th of July, Splore decided to try something new and different. We took participants on a full moon climb up in Big Cottonwood Canyon. I happened to be one of the lucky few that was able to go on the trip, and let me tell you it was a blast. I have climbed in the daytime before, and of course I felt as though I was going to pee my pants because of the distance between me and the ground. But, let me tell you, climbing at night (in the dark!) is a completely different type of fear and one that I basked in.

Not only were there kids under the age of 12 climbing up the side of Storm Mountain like it was nobody’s business, even in the dark, but I was doing it too! Mind you, maybe not as fast as some of these kids, but I was definitely up there in the thick of it with them. There was one point that I specifically remember from the night where I was clinging to the rock thinking, “I am only half way up?! I still have another 20 feet to climb?!” when I saw Justice Lambert, one of Splore’s frequent climbing participants, come scrambling up right next to me. And I swear in a blink of an eye he went from being right next to me to being at the top of the climb. When I saw Justice at the top I said to myself, “Well if a twelve year old can climb up this mountain at night with no fear of what lies below him, well so can I!” And I did it! Through the fear, the sweat, and the little light on the mountain, I climbed to the top.

Caption Splore

There is a quote from one of Splore’s clients, Tom, about Splore’s adventures: “For that one week of the year, I feel absolutely free.” Well, when I got to the top of the climb, I felt absolutely free. Like nothing and no one could touch me or what I just accomplished. So from the mouth of the horse, now you really know: Splore can change the way you view what you can and cannot do.