A Splore Story from the Intern

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A Splore Story From the Intern:   Last year during May I was still in school doing what is called May term, which is where you take intensive classes for the month twice a week for three hours. Sitting in a class for three hours without any breaks would be hard for anyone to do, [...]

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Meet Our River Crew!

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Meet Our River Crew We couldn't be more excited about our fantastic Moab crew this year! Staff training just finished and our crew is out on the river for the first overnight trip of the season. Of course, each year we are lucky enough to have returning faces from our wonderful community of volunteers, but [...]

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Spotlight: Susannah Shares Behind the Scenes of Her Splore Internship

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I have been an Intern and Program Volunteer at Splore for the past 6 months.It has been such a valuable experience and I have learned so much from it.I have had amazing opportunities to work with great people and participate in various activities. When I first started my internship, I participated in cross country skiing [...]

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