A Good Watering Hole

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A Good Watering Hole:

in Moab, Utah


by Amy Ware

The one thing we all worry about when we are heading down to Moab this time of year is how we are going to stay cool. The weather down there averages between 90 to 100 degrees during the day, which even for us Utahns is really hot. The goal of this blog is to tell you about a fun hike that can keep you and your family cool during the day and is also tons of fun!

Millcreek Hike

The hike is a watering hole down in Moab called the Millcreek Swimming Hole, a short hike that the whole family can do right off of Moab’s main street. The hike first leads you to a dam where there are slippery rocks that are fun to slide over as the stream pushes you along. If you would like to continue the hike after this first section, you can follow the path along the river a little further up into the canyon where you will find another watering hole where you can swim in the small pool and lay out on the nice smooth red rock.

If you are interested in going on this hike when you are down in Moab, when you are either doing a trip with Splore’s rafting team or just traveling down for a short weekend, here is a website you can visit to find the location of the hike:


Or once down in Moab you can visit the Visitor’s Center on Main Street and they will point you in the right direction. Have fun!