How do you Pack for a Rafting Trip?

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How do you Pack for a Rafting Trip?

By: Amy Ware

Have you signed up for a rafting trip and thought to yourself, “Okay, so now I am signed up and ready to go on this rafting trip, but what in the world do I need to bring?”


Well, that is where I come in! This blog post will be your handy dandy guide to what you need to bring for either a day or a multi-day rafting trip with Splore.

Single Day Rafting Trip:

  • Lightweight quick dry shorts or pants (Avoid bringing denim as it gets heavy and uncomfortable when wet.)
  • Sandals or an old pair of shoes that attach at the ankle (No flip flops, they will not stay on your feet or provide protection.)
  • Cotton t-shirt or long sleeve shirt
  • Sunglasses with strap
  • A hat or cap with a brim (Hats with a chin strap are best.)
  • Sun block
  • Waterproof camera
  • Water bottle
  • Medications(if necessary)
  • A dry change of clothes for the ride home

Multiple Day Rafting Trip:

As you can see many items are in both the single day and multi-day trips. However, the difference between the two types of trips is that with a multi-day trip you will be sleeping outside under the stars for one or more nights. And you will be spending more days on the river experiencing the wild rush of excitement that comes with white water rafting. So remember to bring all the things you might need to spend multiple days on the river or just one fantastic day! If you would like more information about your white water rafting trip here is a link to our site where you can click on the trip you are signed up for and get all the information you will need: