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Join us for an adventure in wild and beautiful Utah! Splore has been providing outdoor adventures for people of any age and ability since 1977. We believe in building the best possible experience for each of our guests. Our activities are lead by specially trained wilderness guides with years of experience designing the activities for adventurers of all ability levels, ages, and backgrounds.

The Outdoors and the Magic of Splore

The outdoors brings out our natural sense of adventure. We build confidence as we scale the unknown and conquer our comfort zone. For many, their first Splore adventure trip is often their first time whitewater rafting, rock climbing, cross country skiing, camping outdoors, and many other outdoor recreational activities.

Splore makes your adventure in Utah easy with experienced wilderness guides to ensure you get the best trip experience. From the second you visit our site, call our office, or book a trip, we do our very best to keep you informed, excited, and prepared. Experience the magic of Splore yourself!

Climb Aboard!


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Outdoor Recreational Activities Include:

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting

Feel the thrill of the Colorado River with our whitewater rafting trips in Utah! Join us for a one to six day rafting adventure! All whitewater rafting trips are led by Utah licensed river guides and include staff support for participants of all abilities who want to experience the thrill of the river!

Rock Climbing


Reach new heights and build trust as we overcome our fears to make it to the top! Splore offers indoor climbing and outdoor climbing programs in Utah. Experience Utah’s natural rock climbing with day trips in the Cottonwood and Ferguson Canyons. Accessibility is limited at some outdoor climbing locations.

Cross Country Skiing

winter activities

Utah’s Greatest Snow on Earth is the perfect setting for a winter adventure! Glide across Utah’s frozen wilderness and see the outdoors in a whole new light! Our cross country ski trips make a great adventure for all as Splore meets the needs of each participant and adaptive equipment is available.



Canoeing is one of the most enjoyable, accessible, and affordable outdoor activities we offer. All canoeing trips are customized to the needs of our adventurers so everyone can enjoy the beautiful waterways of Utah and the freedom they offer. Book your Utah canoeing adventure with Splore today!



Explore the world around you with Splore’s guided snowshoeing adventures! Snowshoeing makes previously inaccessible winter locations open to all with our adaptive snowshoeing trips throughout Utah’s pristine wilderness. Contact us today for a winter adventure like none other!

Ways to Give

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Our trips are made possible through the generous support of the individuals, companies, and foundations that make up the Splore community.

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